Thanatos Future Imperfect

One year of planning and preparing and we were ready. Finally ready to enter the mirror realm. The moment we did we almost regretted it. We were walking into what seemed like an ambush. A puppet master was waiting for us, along with a few minions he had controlled. Mostly Ogres. It was a long and arduous battle, extremely taxing on everyone involved… But we managed to defeat everything. The back of my neck still burns from where the Puppet Master’s chain had been attached for a portion of the battle. I managed to break from it’s control and rejoin the fight on the proper side of combat.

After that we rested and made camp. One of the party members.. I believe her name is Ashe.. tried to make a move on me.. Several moves to be precise. She is getting most annoying.. If the Puppet Masters don’t kill her, I think I will…

Once we were fully rested, we moved on to the forest, trying to find out where to head next in our exploration of this wretched realm. We were stopped in our tracks when a native man with a spear jumped out and started threatening us with the crude weapon. Thankfully Iuris managed to make a connection with him and got him to take us to his village. I say thankfully because I would have hated to paint the forest floor with his blood and entrails.

I scoped out the village while Iuris talked with some elderly man who had been here for quite a while. Boring stuff. So I waited. Once the conversation was finished, we left with a map and a name of some Vampire Lord. We headed to his crypt lair. When we reached it, we could simply tell something was amiss. And it was. The two statues guarding the lair animated and began attacking us. Thanks to some teamwork though, we quickly dispatched of them entirely and rushed inside. The moment Ashe stepped inside, the crypts opened and several Vampires stepped out, looking hungrily at us. Though they were mere pawns and failed to keep our attention for too long. Playing with their corpses is fun for only so long, after all. The Vampire Lord showed himself and he too, fell to our power. We found a tome containing information on the Puppet Masters. Immediately after Iuris finished reading the latest entry about destroying both of the worlds, we were teleported through time, ending up in a massive battle in the future. Most of us mounted Dragons and took flight. I, however, morphed into a Dragon and took flight. It was one of the biggest battles of my life, and I’m sure everyone elses. We managed to save several Dragons from the grasp of the Puppet Masters and ended the fight. It was when we were talking to my future self that we were told the Puppet Masters had all but won. He handed us a syringe of some liquid that was believed to destroy the Puppet Masters if they were injected with it. We were also told that they were a Hivemind, with a Queen. Destroy the Queen, you destroy the race. When he was handing us the second syringe, a portal opened up next to him and a fireball blew him into oblivion, the syringe falling off the cliff we were standing near. Thankfully a tree saved it from falling too far.

Then more minions showed up attached to a Puppet Master and there were only 5 of us. We immediately went into action, sending Ashe to climb down and get the syringe, Odium and Piper began launching a ranged attack against the opponents trying to get to us across the trench. Iuris and I had other plans though. We ran to a large barrel and kicked it open, filling the trench with a flammable material. Iuris used his gun-blade to ignite the material. Now with a flaming wall of death, we could prepare a proper defense. And that we did. Any enemy that made it through was eventually cut down. Until only the Fire Belchers remained. Iuris and myself charged over the flaming pit and took care of the two beasts ourselves while Ashe came back up the side of the cliff with the syringe. Victorius, we were sent back in time to our present. We made camp and began resting once more.

Thanatos Future Imperfect

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