Rsaamiriel's Tower

History: Built by Rsaamiriel in the years before the merging this tower was the location of the magical tests that Earth B was running to try and create a gateway between planes. Such a thing had never been done before. They succeeded, by a degree when they merged Earth Prime and Earth B. The tower survived The Merging and has since become a weak point between the planes. A place where crossing over to the Mirror Realm is easier than in other parts of the world. Rsaamiriel retired to the tower after the Merger, and unknowingly he slowly became controlled through the towers one mirror, constantly visiting it looking at himself in it. Eventually he was convinced that he had to mate with a Black Dragon and spawn a child. The tower slowly began to degrade into a point of darkness after Rsaamiriel left the tower. The Puppet Masters reach began to expand and were able to have some form of control over the Merged Earth. When Rsaamiriel returned he was a different being, having been beyond the Puppet Masters control for so long he had regained some self control, though he still found himself thinking odd thoughts at times and doing odd things. In the end, he had served his purpose. The Puppet Masters invited him to the Mirror Realm, and when he was there killed him horribly. Hanging him until he chocked. They left him in the mirror realm as a contingency plan, if anything ever went wrong they could send him back into the Merged Earth as their emissary.

Stumbled upon by Iuris, Kothar, and Thanatos during a Gate Storm they sought shelter there. Trapped inside, a barrier of liquid darkness barring their exit, they began to investigate the tower. Finding a number of dark and disgusting devices they soon found the mirror that had enthralled Rsaamiriel years ago. Iuris quickly came under the control of the Puppet Masters and began to lead his friends along. The ruse was discovered, however, and Puppet-Iuris was forced into action. Soon into the combat it was discovered that any damage to Iuris would hurt his body and hurt Iuris in turn. If they delt a fatal blow here, it would deal a fatal blow when Iuris’ soul rejoined with his body. They cut the strings and managed to save Iuris. While investigating the Mirror Realm to destroy the Puppet Master they met with Rsaamiriel and removed his body to the Merged Earth. He quickly began disguising himself and hiding his true nature, for his son was in this group of adventurers and if he was discovered the Puppet Masters would not be happy.

The party soon defeated the Puppet Master and continued to explore the Mirror Realm version of the Tower, they found the Black Dragon Orb here and discovered the army of Puppet Masters flying towards a point on the horizon. They quickly returned to the Merged Earth and have not returned to the Tower since.

Physical Layout: Layed out with two towers both three stories tall connected through a ground floor and with a hallway leading out. Secret passages fill the Tower.

Location: Located in the Mountains above the cavern system that the Arscadian Tutis Domus was located in. It is about a days walk from the cliff side.

Rsaamiriel's Tower

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