History: The first city built by the refugees after The Emergence. Already having seen the first signs of battle in the Battle of Rapture, the city is now protected from dragonkind by the Protective Crystal that formerly protected the city of Ascardian which has since been abandoned for Rapture. Well lit and well made the nearby quarry makes it possible to mine out rocks for use in building the homes. Two buildings sit outside of the city lines, and the protection of the Crystal, Johnathan “the Snake” William’s home and the Knights of the New Code Headquarters.

In recent years the city has grown by leaps and bounds. Becoming a refuge for all Humans after The Emergence, people flocked from the Tutis Domus’ across the world and made their homes in the new city. Expanding quickly the city has grown upwards, becoming a pinnacle of human engineering. While not as amazing or well built as Los Angeles, or the other human cities of the 21st century, it has become a beacon of hope for all those who have lost their homes. A sister city Glory has been created at the former location of St. Louis and near the Tutis Domus, Archway.

Physical Layout: Large man made city

Location: Located just northeast of Ascardian the city is built in a basin, which allows the Crystal to expand to the outskirts of the city and provide protection for all.


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