Los Angeles

History: Being the city closest to The Merging, Los Angeles tends to get a ton of magical backlash from the merger including Gate Storms, Magical Lightning Storms and Earthquakes. Before The Merging the city was nicknamed the City of Angels, it is anything but, abandoned at the time of The Retreat for the Tutis Domus the city has grown wild. Plants an vegetation line the walls and many streets and buildings have cracked and been broken. Whether this is purely a normal reaction, or if it has something to do with the magical backlash cannot be determined. Much of the technology and armament were left in the city at the time of the Retreat, but has since become nearly unusable due to lack of use and care over time.

Amarak found this city after leaving Ascardian and the Knights of the New Code settled there. They discovered a number of interesting devices, including guns, computers, and vehicles. They quickly set about learning how to use these items and were rewarded when they figured out how their simulation programs worked. Knights of the New Code quickly began training in new weapons and combat techniques. Guns became the norm used by guards rather than swords, vehicles were used to get from location to location rather than walking. The most impressive feat of all was the mastery of the flying vehicles: jets, and helicopters. This came in handy when Vorceru broke free of captivity and attacked Rapture, they quickly deployed and combated the draconic threat that had emerged.

Soon after finding the city the Knights of the New Code found the single most destructive piece of technology in human history. A Nuclear Weapon. The Knights, not knowing what this device was began looking into it and after finding out what the device was capable of quickly shut down the operation at the behest of Amarak. Vorceru went behind his back and reactivated the project unknowingly bringing in a new scientist to work on the device and figure out how it works. It could prove useful against the Dragons after all. The new scientist was Rsaamiriel. Having discovered the ruse the party and Amarak quickly race their way back to Los Angeles, hopefully to preven the worst from happening, and a new hell to be born on their world.

Largely abandoned after the defeat of Rsaamiriel most of the usable technology and personnel were moved to Rapture, which has grown to house the largest human population on the planet. Sometimes a patrol will be sent into the city to find something left behind or wipe out any roving bands of monsters or vagabonds that may find their way inside. Otherwise the city is abandoned, lost again to time.

Physical Layout: Full view can be obtained by using Google Earth.

Location: Located right along the Merge line part of the city was lost in the Merger, but the majority of it survived.

Los Angeles

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