The Puppet Master Chronicles

Mirrors and Marrionettes
The Puppet Masters Emerge

Iuris stood before the people of Ascardian and delivered a moving speech. Inciting them to pick up their lives, and carry them out of the darkness of the caves and into the light of the sun. There they would build a new home, Rapture, Iuris, Kothar, Thanatos, and several Knights of the Old Code would take up arms and travel to the top of the mountain that housed the Tutis Domus and seize the crystal that had protected them all of these years. They wold not let the draconic threat stop them.

They set out soon after the speech was made gathering whatever equipment they needed and Iuris putting the command of the city in the hands of the Knights of the Old Code. The climb before them was daunting, but not impossible. They made it to the top with only minor incident involving a bird and what appeared to be primitive humans.

Finding a plateau at the top of the long trek they began to navigate the lush wilderness until they saw a large tower. Three stories tall, the structure was made of a stone hued the darkest black. The party decided to steer clear of the menacing structure when a small portal suddenly appeared in front of one of the Knights, he walked into it before he could even realize what was happening, the portal closed immediately after. Instantly portals began popping up all around them, the party quickly raced for the Tower, seeing it as the only safe haven in this strange wilderness.

The door opened with ease and they were quickly inside. The first room was a hallway, the candles on the wall immediately ignited at their entry. The light they cast was normal, but the color of the flame was that of the darkest black. As the flames ignited the door slammed shut with a resounding thud. The party, seeing no other option, continued deeper into the tower carefully.

The second room was nearly identical to the one before it, with one exception, in between of each sconce was a different picture. Each bearing a name plate and showing the death of a person in a gruesome manner: Decapitation, impalement, etc.. With the exception of one frame, which housed a blank canvas and nameplate.

The third room was what appeared to be a long abandoned sitting room. A couch and chair facing towards a large, ornate fireplace. There were two paths on the dusty floor, one leading to a door opposite them, and the other leading directly into the fireplace. The final door had no path leading to it. The party began to investigate, on the mantle was a picture of Kothar as a child with a man…presumably his father.

The party soon discovered a switch on the mantle and it swung open quickly revealing a darkened path way. As the party started down the hall they began to hear the sound of skittering in the walls around them. Unsure of what was happening the held their ground and waited when suddenly a large number of beetles and other bugs dropped from the ceiling out of a small hole and onto Thanatos, they crawled into his clothing fell into his mouth and then scurried off towards the couch where they stopped, faced the party as one and watched them intently.

Sufficiently caught off guard by this unexpected action the party quickly torched the couch. The insects just sat there as they burnt to death, the sound of their exoskeletons popping with the heat echoing around the small room. The party left the fire, assuming it would die down of it’s own accord and hurried back to the hallway where they pressed onward…

-To be concluded (ran out of time to finish writing this.)

All Good Intentions
Chapter 1

The adventure began with a quest, a quest to save Jonathan the Snake’s wife, who had been bitten by one of his precious snakes. He needed the eyes of a water naga to complete a potion of Remove Poison, so the party was more than happy to help. Iuris rounded up a few Knights of the Old Code, including his brother, and they all set off. Jonathan quickly guided them to the nearest one, as he had apparently been tracking it for some time. However, along the way, two out of the five knights attacked, slaying the other two before they were brought down and revealed to be doppelgangers. Iuris noted the curiosity and wondered what exactly their purpose had been. They continued on, after the remaining knight had been put to the task of returning with his comrade’s corpses to the city.

They met with no further incidence, and reached the pool of water the naga called home. Thanatos put his lightning to good use on a mass of breeding snakes, and Kothar disappeared into the water. Iuris used a potion of Water Walking, and headed straight for the naga’s evil aura, around the snakes. After being dragged underwater by the naga, Iuris began frantically stabbing it with his dagger, trying to break free. All was well when Kothar and Thanatos swooped in for the save. They searched the cave and found a lot of treasure, mostly in gems, and a strange object that vaguely resembled a very crude, very rusty key.

On their way home, traps slowed them down. Puzzled as to how the traps suddenly appeared, Kothar tracked it to a kobold. The kobold apologized, and asked for the heroes’ help in defeating a red dragon that was attacking the kobold city. They followed the kobold, and were trapped in an arena, where they valiently fought and killed a beholder, two giants, a devil, and a young red dragon. Noticing an odd carving in the wall, Kothar used the crude item found earlier as a key, and opened the way to a pile of treasure. After quickly stowing it away, they exited, and were greeted by the kobold, who apologized again and thanked them for being so entertaining.

They returned to the city to find Jon in a very worried state. When pressed, he admitted to poisoning adventurers to convince them to fight the naga, and expressed concern over how Amarak had been acting. He said that he had gone to meet with the mayor, though Iuris had scheduled a meeting already. They ran to the mayor’s mansion just in time to see Amarak stab the mayor through the chest. They tried to rush Amarak, but he held up the mayor’s prized heirloom – the Golden Dragon Orb – and held them magically in place. After he vanished, Iuris ran to the mayor’s side and tried to stop the bleeding. He managed to bring the man around, just in time for him to be charged with finding the orbs, and destroying them if necessary. Then the mayor succumbed to his wounds. Iuris isolated himself after commanding his knights to spread the word of the mayor’s death, and to announce that he was invoking martial law.

End Chapter 1


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