Piper Gilwyn Tiavel

Spunky, sort of annoying, Half- elf Bard


Her bardic implemnet is a Doss Lute when channeling her ranged attacks, and she strongly favors psychic abilities. She wears a Helm of the Eagle, and a Safewing Amulet. Piper also carries a Haversack Bag (bag of holding).


This is not the original Piper. The original is the granddaughter of Amergin Arion & Delyra Devara Tiavel, and the stepgranddaughter to Hinote and Kasai Nekusumishi. Her parents are Shirina Nunis Tiavel and Viresh Nekusumishi, and she has two younger half brothers- Kyros and Elliot. She has many aunts and uncles, and several cousins.

Getting bored one day, she implores the help of her younger brother, Kyros, and thier uncle, Alill Ladre, to create a clone of herself, and sets the clone out to explore the world, and other realms.

The clone is an exact duplicate of the original- mannerisims, likes, dislikes, everything. She can be a bit annoying at times, but she means well.

While the original has love interests back in her world, the clone is a free spirit, looking for her own someone, maybe even just regular companions to adventure with.

Piper Gilwyn Tiavel

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